Our Visual Arts and Designs department is the home of contemporary customized artworks rendered in various media: Oil on canvas, Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic on paper, oil on board, linocuts, and pencil/charcoal on paper in different sizes to suit your diverse needs.

We have categories of artworks in painting, sculpture, prints, textiles and crafts produced in different media and motifs. Our painting collections come in landscapes, seascapes, mixed-media, still-life, non-objective, abstract, nature and portraits. All these are rendered in various hues, monochromatic, contrasting and complementary colours, scheme of various intensities and styles like Impressionism Expressionism, Realism, pointillism with stylised-embedded African motifs in the majority, to depict our source.

Our fine artists are highly talented university graduates with passion in the field. They believe that Art is life hence, with a very good understanding of Art principles, elements, and history and can describe the artworks in our collections with a clear and distinct message of each painting.

At RozArrts, our clients have a full appreciation of our paintings and we sincerely believe that “every artwork has a buyer”. Hence, our collection is constantly growing for our periodic worldwide exhibitions. The decorative Arts which are created with your home, office and hotel décor in mind, consist of abstracts, figurative, floral/botanical, and landscape paintings, while our vintage arts depict more of classic paintings of the medieval, consists of food, fashion, etc.