African & English Outfits

Here, we employ an artistic approach to fashion. A lot of times, efforts are devoted to our Couture, from start to finish. At RozArrts, fashion is not only about the well-finished product, but the entire process. Each collection is designed with meaning and every image holds a purpose and often derived from or related to each fabric in use. Our colour combination makes RozArrts distinct in meeting our customers’ desires.

RozArrts’ bespoke collections are for children, ladies and gentlemen of varying fashion tastes – (from simple to sophisticated fashion sense) that need clothes that complement their dynamic lifestyle and professional/corporate goals. RozArrts fashion is set up to satisfy whoever appreciates creativity and high-quality clothing, in terms of style and good finishing for both work and pleasure.

We have a range of professional industrial straight sewing machines, industrial high-speed taping machines for T-Shirt and stretchy fabrics, industrial overlocking, baby lock machine, 21 Stitch, 5mm, Buttonhole, Knee Lift, Drop Feed, and Power Stand. This is the most versatile power stand industrial sewing machine with a built-in buttonhole, 21 utility, and decorative stitches, and drop feed for free-motion work. Our 18heads monogram embroidery machines for any embroidery-type and sewing combination machines boast of many setups and creative features that let you embroider with a push of a button. These features create that needed assurance and essentially put us above the competition.